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Title: Potential Challenges and Prospects in Exploiting LDC Waiver in Service Sector:The Case of Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Martha Belete (Assistance professor)
Melese, Abebe
Keywords: preferential treatments;LDC service waiver
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: LDC service waiver is a specific preferential treatment of LDCs in service trade. The main objective of this preferential treatment scheme is to boost the participation of LDCs in international trade in service. To this effect, the waiver decision waived the MFN obligations of GATS to the extent necessary to permit WTO members to provide preferential treatment to services and services suppliers of LDCs without according the same treatment to like services and service suppliers of all other members. All LDCs whether member to WTO or not, such as Ethiopia, are similarly made beneficiaries. Taking in account, the indispensable importance of international trade in service for poverty eradication and over all development of Ethiopia on one hand; and the limited capacity of the country to compete in international trade in service because of many internal and external factors on the other hand, the service waiver preferential treatments scheme incorporated many potential opportunities for Ethiopia. However, there are some internal and external potential challenges that the country should seriously concern with for the effective exploitation the preferential treatment. Thus, Ethiopia should devise appropriate strategy to solve these problems or at least minimize their impacts and to fully exploit the prospects under the service waiver preferential treatment.
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