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Title: The Practice Of Development Journalism On Tv Oromiya: “Iftoomaa’’ In Focus
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Zenebe Beyene (Dr)
Kefale, Gemechu
Keywords: state conforms to the model of Development journalism
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The FDRE government and the Oromiya Regional State, as well, repeatedly claim that the state conforms to the model of Development journalism. Their respective media also proclaim in their editorial policies and also in practice that they are applying the concepts of development journalism in their broadcasts and printings. The general objective of this study thus was to examine the practice of Development Journalism on TV Oromiya centering on ‗Iftoomaa‘ program in focus.Data were collected through content analysis and in-depth interview. Content sample of broadcast ‗Iftoomaa‘ programs and the responses of the professionals that collected through open ended question were analyzed qualitatively. The research, being conducted using the theoretical foundation of development journalism, found that the practice of development journalism in the medium has a good beginning. This has been particularly evident this year, since the deep renewal process has begun both at Federal and Regional levels. The ‗Iftoomaa‘ program following the model of investigative journalism under the big picture of development journalism is exposing problems of corruption, land grabbing, mal-administration and good governance issues. The producers conduct extensive studies of the cases, collect facts and figures, interview those affected and take stand on the issue before production is started. The research, likewise found that Journalists are facing an obstacle in investigating issues related to corruption, mal-administration and preferential treatments in government offices. One is lack of proper information and the other one is unwillingness of officials to present themselves in the program. The researcher noticed that lack of follows up to check whether problems are fixed once the program is has been aired is a critical weakness of the ‗Iftoomaa‘ program. Another minus is that the program hardly report on issues related to democracy and democratic and human rights. The overall assessment however shows the practice of development journalism in TVO in general and the ‗Iftoomaa‘ program in particular is, despite its young age, on the right track of the model of development journalism. The effort of the developmental journalists working in the medium to promote the socioeconomic development of the region and to expose mal-administration which are affecting the society is of paramount importance to fly high development journalism in the country.
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