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Title: Critical Analysis Of Ethical Issues In Broadcast Media Advertisements: Ebc In Foc
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tuenis Veen (Professor)
Alula, Teklemariam
Keywords: ethical considerations in Ethiopia particularly
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This research project has explored and critically examined the practice of advertisement and its ethical considerations in Ethiopia particularly the practice in Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. A qualitative inquiry approach was employed for answering the investigation queries and to attain objectives of the study. The sample advertisement clips of this study were rhetorically analyzed. Moreover, four focus group discussions and twelve individual in-depth interviews have been used to further tighten the data obtained from the qualitative content analysis segment of the study and to explore the audiences’ perception towards advertisements. 30 commercials broadcasted in three years period were purposefully selected. The selected commercials were analyzed and interpreted thematically to find out their apparent content. Furthermore, relevant literatures were also reviewed. The professional practice and the cooperative leadership among stakeholders in the sector were seen critically. The cultural and ethical aspects of the advertisements got analyzed in this study. The extensive literature review on media and advertisement, with universal ethics theory, facilitated the structuring of the research questions, which addressed the ethical issues in the advertising sector. The moral standard ruling the advertising industry; the ethical guidelines and the proclamation of advertisement with the universal principles of truth, human dignity and social responsibility are clearly stated in this study. In this qualitative inquiry, data were gathered through in depth interviews and focus group discussions. In addition to this, qualitative content analysis was employed. This was done by viewing and reviewing advertisement clips through the eyes of rhetorical criticism. The interview process lasted two months. The analysis of this study has been grouped in to two. These are; the findings of critical analysis by the researcher (done through viewing the advertisement clips) and findings from the focus group discussions and in depth interviews. Findings implied that most of the advertisements analyzed in this study might not favor the social values and norms. Most of the advertisement clips analyzed under this study seem limiting the role and the capacity of women and children. In some advertisements, women are represented as sex objects. While children are seen witnessing about products/services. Alcoholic drinks are perceived as important to health and a means to success.
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