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Title: Audience Reception Analysis of Selected Beer Commercials on EBC1
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Agaredech Jemaneh (Dr)
Eyerusalem, Yemanebirhan
Keywords: variety in Ethiopia. Beer commercials
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Nowadays the practice of advertising a product is increasing both in frequency and variety in Ethiopia. Beer commercials are among the top product advertisements that appear frequently on television including the national TV station, EBC1. The aim of the study was to investigate how the audience interprets the messages transmitted by selected television beer commercials aired on the channel. It employed a qualitative research approach, wherein qualitative content analysis, focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews were used as data gathering instruments. With regard to the sampling procedure, six commercials from Habesha, Bedele and Meta beer brands were selected using purposive sampling based on the time intervals in which the commercials were broadcasted, while for the purpose of the audience purposive and snowball sampling techniques were utilized. The data gathered was thematically analyzed. Though the analysis of the data was not bound to a specific theory or model, the theoretical frameworks, the models and empirical concepts were utilized as a guide to the analysis and making sense of the data. The qualitative content analysis revealed that the commercials employed themes which were frequently portrayed in beer commercials worldwide. Accordingly, reward for hard work, strengthening friendship and social life, cultural values and history of the country, and gender and close-up images of the glass or bottle were found to be the themes used in the commercials. Concerning the audience, the study revealed that audiences are not just passive receivers of advertisement messages rather they are active in interpreting the messages. Advertising messages are open to various interpretations based on the audience’s backgrounds, culture and social values. The study also confirmed that factors like age, educational level, gender and marital status matter a lot in the interpretation of the messages transmitted by the beer commercials.
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