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Title: Urban Land Tenure System in Ethiopia and Its Application
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Molla Mengistu (Ato)
Mesganaw, Kifelew
Keywords: Since 19 75 land re/orm /he land lmll 0/ Ethiopia
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Since 19 75 land re/orm /he land lmll 0/ Ethiopia has becolI/e vague because Qf silllultaneous recognition a/public ownership o/Iand and private ownership a/building 011 slIch land. Building on land is permonel1lly ClffCIched to if and l,.al1~ler %lllnership of 'he building necessarily l,.an~Iel's the holding righl 011 (he land. BlIf (he land reforlll pruhibited Ira11.~/e,. qlholding righl 011 land this poradox is /ur,her exacerbated aJier (he comil1g illlo pOHleI' of the incumbent goverl1l11 cl1f. The curren! government dec/ares Fee market economy which/avors private properly. Bill protection 10 private properly especially hui/ct;ng seems 10 have been highly clIrJailed due to public ownership 0/ land. Moreover, alihollgh the FDRE c Ol7sf illlliol1 expressly recogni::es economic riglus Ql cili::en. il is claillled Ihal pl/blic ownership o/Iand has negalively influenced inveslmenl. As a sollllion 10 sllch problem Ihe governlllel1l has introduced the lease lystem which ollfhorizes free Iramjer 0/ land holding. I-Iolliever: il is claimed Ihal alllhorizing Iran~Ier 0/ holding is l.I11conslitlltional. /\I{oreover, IIIOsl 0/ urban land,>' have nOI yel been pilI under lease system. There/ore; one can say Ihal Ihe on~)' lallljill supplier of land is governlllenl. 011 the nther hand the demand lor land ;~i vel)' high especia/~v in urban areas and ha,\; gone in excess Q{governlflent S upp~)I. Such problelJl has led 10 illegal and clandesline land sale and 1tnl{fIl~/i" occupation o/governll1ef71 land lI'hich has further led 10 IInlow/1f1 conslruction. Generally misunderslanding and conjilsion abollf the existing lenure is a COlli ilion phenomenon. Allhough legislal ions recogni::e lease holding, permit holding and peasant holding: in practice il is velY difficull 10 distinguish their differences due 10 illlplelJlentalion problellls. The con/llsiol1 is jill"lher exacerbaled by 110f1-exislence 0/ literatures on ¬£Jhiopial"l land lalli, Researches made in olher disciplines 011 land are high~\I sll~ieclive and does nO! address Ihe legal problem properly. Therl4fore, the jurisprudence of current land law is at ils vel)' il?{al1l slage and af/el1lions shollld be given 10 develop it. ,
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