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Title: The legal and institutional framework governing Company groups in ethiopia and the current Practice
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tilahun Teshome (Ass. Prof.)
Yi tayal, Mekonnen
Keywords: surrounding business environment
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The doing of business in the corporate group company structure develops in different countries as a response to the surrounding business environment. This form of business has to show that it is beneficial the economy and society before it becomes a recognized form of business. Yet, still it is perceived as posing dander not only to the economy and society but also to companies that join a group and the interests of creditors and minority shareholders in these companies. That is why various aspects of the group business are subject to regulation starting from the means of forming it. Despite that there is a developed literature in the area of company groups in .the countries where they are recognized, the subject is very much unexplored in the context of Ethio'lia. This paper, hence, has attempted to show the organizational structure, the reasons for affiliation and the regulation of company groups in Ethiopia. It has, moreover, evaluated the effectiveness of the legal and institutional framework available for governing these businesses from the perspective of creditor and minority protection. The study is conducted on the basis of samples of companies se lected by taking in to account the use of the term "group" in their company names or those that are regarded as such in the media. Interviews with officials in the Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as judges are also made in order to assess the current practice in connection with company groups. The scope of the paper, however, is limited in terms of the area of business, the type of business organizations etc.
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