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Title: Exploring the Contexts of Relationship between In House Prostitutes and Surrounding Community: A Case in Mekabir Sefer
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Mesele Mengisteab(Dr)
Tarekegn, Negassa
Keywords: Relationship,Prostitution
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This study was conducted with the purpose of exploring the contexts of relationship between in house prostitutes and surrounding community of Mekabir Sefer in Bole Sub City Woreda 04 Administration. Participants of the study were totally eight; four from in house prostitutes and the other four from non-prostitutes member of the community of the study area. For the successful attainment of the research objectives, Qualitative research method was employed and data was gathered through observation and in depth interview. The findings are presented in five clusters of background information of the respondents, nature of prostitution in the study area, nature of relationship between in house prostitutes and surrounding community, challenges faced by in house prostitutes and surrounding community, and coping strategies of in house prostitutes and surrounding community. Findings of the study revealed that in addition to the dominant in house prostitution, prostitution in clients’ houses is practiced in the study area. The main clients of in house prostitutes among others are economically low class men, daily laborers, baggers, drivers and married and salaried men. Relationship between in house prostitutes and surrounding community is based on discrimination, avoidance and hostility. Finding of the study also reveals that in house prostitutes face different challenges from the community, from their own clients, and from police. The community also faces various challenges including exposure of children to antisocial behaviors and acts, and poor environmental cleanliness. The study concludes that the density of many young boys and girls who can contribute a lot to the society in one hand and the wellbeing of the community in the other hand will be in serious danger unless the government and other concerned bodies take timely measures. As this study is mainly concerned with exploring the overall context of relationship between the community and in house prostitutes; which is only one type of prostitution, the researcher implies that further researches should be conducted focusing on the relationship between other types of prostitution and the community
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