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Title: Students And Teachers' Causal Attribution Of Problem Behaviors In Bahir Dar General Secondary Schools
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Darge Wole(,professor)
Asnakew, Tagele
Keywords: callml allrihlifio!/S fur prohlem helwl'iors (rish se.\"II(/1 hellllrior
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: .. , slwh· regllrdillg s//ldems' ami leachers' callml allrihlifio!/S fur prohlem helwl'iors (rish se.\"II(/1 hellllrior. SlIhSICIIlCl!S lIhllSI! 1I11d lIggressil 'e hehm'ior) II"<IS c(lnLlllcll!d ill Bahir /JlIr gellalll secondar)" schools. fh l! s fl a/r im'olred ralldomly selecll!d JO./ slmlenls 1I11d -8 lellchas FOIII 7illw Hoi". Ghiol1 olld Fosilu schools. The inSlrllmelll.l· /ilr dalo COlll!Clioll inc/lIlled ill' illS regarding risky sl!xllal hehm'ior, .l'IIhslal1CC' ahllse and aggression. The slihiecls Irere asked 10 I'(Ile Ihl! impor/anCC' of each ilelll in a lisl 01 call,ml allrihlif iOl1s cOlllpi led Fom pre I 'iolls 1I11.nrers 01 sllldenls ami leachers FOIJ1 I he .mllle pO/llllalioll .. Iflillimriole anail'sis oll'llriance \1 '0.1' IIsed 10 comlHlrl! Ihe allrihlifions "llIIole olld .ldlllole sfllllel1lS ami Ihose 01 sllldl!llf.\' and leachers. A repellfed IIlea.l'llre analysis 01 mriallce follOl red hy pOSI hoc comparison lesls \I'as IIsed 10 compare Ihe illlpOrlallCi! allrihllled 10 a reason hy illdil'idllals Irilhin each grollp (slllden ls and leachers). The lIIaior reasons /or sllldenlS' problem behm'iors "'ere /ollnd 10 be lack of .lilll1 il)" ",h'ice alld/illIOlr lip, family divorce. lack orfCllnily cOl7lrol, Ihe presences or "lelia /3el " and k/wl shop arolll1d Ihe school, bad examples al home and Ihe educolional poliq Irhich sli/llliales possible lerminalion of schooling 01 grades 8 and 10. No signi/ical7l differellce \1 '0.1' .lillIl1d bel\1'eel1 Ihe allribuliolls 01 boys and girls for problem behaviors. f /r/ll'er<'l'. signilicanl difference lI'as idel7li/ied belween Ihe allribuliol1s of sludenls and: leachers lilr .i'Ome perceil'ed callses of problem behaviors. Sludenls lend 10 allrihule Iheir proh/elll hehm'iors IO/illllily- reialed collses (e.g. lack ol/amily advice andjollu\I' up) and 10 sillialiol1al.lilL'/ors (e.g. Ihe presence of "lelia Bel" and kiWI shop around Ihe school). Allhough swdenls allribuled prime imporlance IO/amily-relaled and silualiunalfaclors, Ihey hare also taken some re,ljJonsibilily jill' Iheir problem behaviors. Like slude nls, leachers assign Ihe responsibilily for sludenlS' problem behaviors 10 JCII"ilies and 10 sllldems. .14l1reover, bOlh sludenls and leachers gave relalively less weighl 10 Ihe in/1uence ur leacher-relaledfaclors for problem behaviors. Discussions and conclusions are made On Ihe bases or Ihese resulls. and some recommendalions are indicaled .lor possible il1le/'l'el1lions andjilrlher sludy.
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