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Title: The Assessment on the Nature of services provision for trafficked women in local Non-Government Organizations in Addis Ababa: The Case of Three Selected NGO
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ashenafi Hagos (PhD)
Mestawet, Dejene
Keywords: womentrafficke,Returnee
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The study aimed to assess the nature of services provision for trafficked women returnee in the case of local non-government organizations in Addis Ababa. It has identified the types of services provided, success, and challenges and examines the sustainable support to trafficked women returnees in the organisations. It also tried to see on the discussion how the sampled organizations have identified VoT returnee women and their ways of risk assessment and management. The study employed qualitative methods particularly, case study to get in-depth insight of the subject matter. Data were collected in both through primary and secondary sources and the participants were selected through purposive sampling method. The data collection techniques used included in-depth interview, key informant interview, focus group discussion, document reviews and observation. The finding of the study demonstrates that the service provision has earned less satisfaction for trafficked women returnee in the shelter and the less economic and social reintegration indicated that the support is not sustainable after shelter. According to the information from FGD start-up capital provided by NGOs is very low .The study revealed that the services and facilities provided by the sample NGOs are in general below the standard guidelines in human trafficking returnee assistance. The research has recommended the service providers should create strong bond/networking with other organizations which share similar vision to maintain the quality of their based on the different quality assurance indicators.
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