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Title: The Planning and Management Of Education Management Information System In Addis Ababa City Administration
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Ayalew, Jifar
Keywords: education system has a number of shortcomings
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The planning and management of EMIS at all levels of the education system has a number of shortcomings. The general objective of the study was to assess the practices of the planning and management of education information systems at diflferent hierarchies of Addis Abeba city Administration. The descriptive survey method was employed. Samples were drawn from education bureau, Kifleketema Education offices Kebeles and, schools. A variety of sampling techniques, multistage, purposeful and random sampling were employed. Questionnaires, interviews, and documents were used to collect the necessary data. The obtained data were analyzed using statistical tools of percentage, mean, and grand mean. The result of the study indicates that Information was highly utilized for reporting purposes, but it was found that utilization of information for planning, monitoring and evaluation and resource allocation was low. There was a high demand for educational information; on the other hand EMIS was doing its activity without planning. There was no independent unit established for the information system. There was also no information communication strategy designed to disseminate information at all levels. The only dissemination media used were Annual abstract and reports. Furthermore, the major problems identified by the study in the management of EMIS include turn over of personnel, lack of training, lack of human resources, and lack of awareness on the importance of information for planning and decision-making. The recommendations forwarded include in assigning EMIS personnel their level of education and subject specialization should be considered and should develop the capacity of EMIS at different levels through continuous training. Special unit for EMIS should be established and information system planning should be prepared in a regular basis. Variety of dissemination media should be employed as a means of information dissemination.
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