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Title: Elders engaged in begging as a means of livelihood in Debre Birhan town: An exploration of major push factors and their challenges
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Meseret Kassahun (PhD)
Aynshet, Wendosen
Keywords: Elder Beggars, Push Factors, Challenges
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This study explored that the push factors, challenges and coping mechanisms of elder beggars in Debrebirhan town. Qualitative descriptive case study design is employed to come up with the detailed understanding of the issue under investigation. Multiple data sources which include in-depth interview, focus group discussion and observation are used to generate adequate data. The study employed purposive sampling methods in order to incorporate participants based on pre-determined criteria. Thematic types of data analysis is used to categorize and labeled ideas in to meaningful themes from which meaningful interpretation emerged. The analysis of the study passed through the process of transcribing, translating, categorizing, thematizing and interpreting. According to the findings of the study the major push factors of elder beggars to engage in begging were death and distance of support providers, disengagement from work, economic, family, environmental, physical and health problems. The finding of the study also showed the challenges of elder beggars. Elder beggars encounter challenges in getting food and cloth, house, problem of health, physical and psychological challenges. They cope those challenges by cutting meal, by drying bulle, buying cheapest food, some of them by drinking local areke, Self-medication, eating garlic, reporting the police, sharing feelings, adapting the situation and using religious practices. Implication for social work practice, policy and future research also suggested that social workers can play the role of intervention through advocating, counseling for the study participants, work in the formulation as well as suggestion of policy based on the finding of the study and also further investigation should conduct by including elder beggars in different regions of the country.
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