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???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Professor Habtamu Wondimu
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2012
Publisher: aau
Abstract: Conflict affects men and women differently. Although men are direct victims of conflict and war, women and children have been particularly targeted by the war due to their sex, age and most importantly their gender roles and responsibilities in the society. Thus, being the bearers of traditional and cultural roles, women and children’s contribution and concerns have been excluded from conflict prevention efforts. For about a decade now, International organizations such as United Nations, and the African Union adopted key legal instruments that called for women’s participation in conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities. These organizations and other organizations, which have been involved in Conflict Prevention Management and Resolution (CPMR) use Conflict Analysis Frameworks (CAFs) to analyze and assess conflict. However, the author argues that gender considerations in CPMR activities are insufficient and thus women’s participation in conflict prevention and peacebuilding becomes ad hoc, unsystematic, and restricted. This paper, therefore, tried to explore the extent to which the consideration of gender perspectives is left out or included in the formulation of policy and strategies aimed at the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in CEWARN and AU. The paper uses observation as a main method of the study with a supplication of interviews with both AU and CEWARN staff who is directly dealing with CPMR. Based on the results of the findings, the paper concluded that although CEWARN has made tremendous effort on mainstreaming gender in all its mechanisms from the inception, the momentum some how discarded because of the un availability of a full time gender expert in the office. In a contrary, the AU Continental Early Warning System needs reconsideration of the structure in order to mainstream gender into the Early Warning System from the foundation.
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