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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007A Study On Opportunities, Chalenges And Successes In Using Hadiyyisa As A Mediuéof Instruction: The Case Of Hadiyya Zone Primary Schools/SnnprsAkalewold Eshete (Ato); Berhanu, W/Giorgis
May-2004An Evaluation of the Implementation of Environmental Science Syllabus in Lower Primary School: The Case oflllubaborElias Nasir (Dr); Abera, Husen
Jul-2010Marital Divorce In Bhair Dar Town: Major Contributing Factors And Consequences Of Divorce On The SpousesEndalkahew Tesera(Dr); Afewqrk, Eyassu
Jul-2009An Analysis 0FL0cus of Control, Study Habits and A ssertiveness in Relation to Academic Acltievement of H0ssanu Teaclzers Education College StudentsDr. Mohan Raju, Yohannes, Demeke, Sisay, Birhan, and Muluken; Alemayehu, Berhanu
Mar-2014A Critical Analysis Of Indigenous And Modern Policing In EthiopiaDT Masiloane ( Professor ); Hassen, Shuffa
Jul-2011An Assessment Of Materials And Supplies Management In Selected Government Technical And Vocational Education And Training Colleges In Addis Ababa.Girma Zewdie, (Associate Professor); Hadush, Berhane
May-2011An Assessment Organizational Culture And Employees Commitment In Garage Zone education Department (Snnpr)Yukunoamlak Alemu (Dr); Bedre, Nasir
Jul-2009Major Factors Affecting C Contraceptive E Use Among Zay Community MembersSintaychu Tadesse (Dr); Adane, Wako
May-2011An Assessment Of The Utilization Of Information Communication Technology In Selected Government Technical And Vocational Education And Training (Tvet) Colleges In Addis AbabaAto Lemma Setegn (Assistant professor); Ashenafi, Abera
May-2004An Evaluation Of The Implementa Non Of Environmental Science Syllabus In Lower Primary SchoolElias Nasir (Dr); Abera, Husen