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Title: An Assessment of Academic Staff Personnel Management in Regional Colleges of Teacher Education
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Haileselassie Woldegerima, (Ato)
Surafel, Zewdie
Keywords: Assessment of Academic Staff Personnel Management
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This thesis was based on the findings of the research study entitled ”An Assessment of Academic Staff Personnel Management in Regional Colleges of Teacher Education ". The main purpose of the study was to investigate the problems attached to the prevailing system of managing the teaching personnel in some selected Regional colleges of Teacher Education, and suggest some practical steps to be taken to improve the situation. To this end, an attempt was made to look in to the current practices and major factors aflecting the recruitment and selection of the academic stafif their utilization, and professional development. A descriptive method was employed to reveal the current state of academic staff personnel management in the colleges. The sample colleges were selected from Addis Ababa, Oromia, Amhara, and SPNNR regional states on the basis of purposive sampling technique. The subjects of the study were 82 instructors, 16 authorities in charge of recruiting and selecting instructors and 16 academic heads. The respondents sampling was carried out through purposive and availability sampling. Information was obtained through questionnaíres, interview and documents. The result revealed that the sample colleges lacked an appropriate planning of the academic staff needs mainly due to lack of the required skills on part of the staffmanagers to analyse stafl needs in quantitative and qualitative terms. Moreover, most of the authorities didn 't get any training or orientation focused on systematic recruitment and selection techniques. Nor had they adequate experience in handling the issue. Academic qualification and cumulative G.P.A. were found to be the prime selection criteria of instructors; the professional assistance rendered by internal and more so by external supervisors was found to be inadequate; and the number of training opportunities for short-term and further education ojfered to the academic staff was found to be unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is concluded that the recruitment and selection of the academic stafl was so inappropriate that the colleges have faced a critical shortage of the required stajf in various disciplines; the utilization of the staffís unlikely to make a positive contribution to the ejfizctive utilization of knowledge, skill and ability of the instructors. Hence, it is recommended that Regional Education Bureaus and Regional oflices of Capacity Building should plan and take the initiative to provide the stajf managers with training or orientation that focuses on skills necessary to analyse stafi" needs, and on systematic recruitment and selection techniques; the colleges ought to revise their terms of recruitment and selection criteria in such a way that experience and technical competence are given weight in the recruitment and selection of instructors; qualified and competent supervisors be assigned at REB level, and stafl management should make more ejfort to periodically assess training needs of the academic stafl and find ways to develop their abilities and up-grade their academic level.
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