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Title: Structural Analysis of the Evolutionaly Motif, Portrait and Discourse of National Identity in the Kebra Nagast, Tobbiya and Dertogada
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: . Melakneh Mengistu(Dr)
Nebiyu, G/Michael
Keywords: strategy Which altered the colonist view
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Structuralist ls a twentieth century approach or' strategy Which altered the colonist view of nature and reality as metaphysics and histon'cisn1 do. Structuralism can be taken as a way, approach, method or philosophy of'critical invesn_lgation ol 'rehtionslnps among deep :md surlace levels of being and human culture in general; the modern structural World vrcw ernergcd as' prominent rnanner of study of universal rules and universafity with dte coming ol ` Fcrthnand de Saussurefs book Course in General Linguistics nr 1.9162 'lhe Prague School that included Roman jakobson and S. Troubetzkoy are responsible for the ennclnnent of structural hngursucs and structurahsm. Noam Choznsk y and Levi-Strauss ha ve also played an irnportzurt role in the furdrer de veloprnent ofthe structural approach and able to successfully rnaintain its pr'ornis1'r1gir1/luence in the Western mode of thought lrorn serniotics to L)/berrleü'cs :md general s ysterns theory. Structurahsrn, hence, is attrihuted With the undented rnzunlestation ofthrngs in their entrrety and shared elernental Constitution /or an underlving pn'nciple is goveming their cxistence and interactions. This unequivocal approach, however, had been rnistalcen as a study of static fonns or rethgerated defunct even by some well-noted thrnlcers hlcej. Den-ida ruzd M. Foucault due to their dep/omhle fzllacies and duhious insrghts about dze concept; contranly strueturahsrn is a highly systernatic and inclusive of the interconnectedness of dungs to hann an relatively delinable hohstic enhty of srnall consmntly nansforrnative as well as sel/lregulanve structures. Ylrus, the Structural rnsrght situates rtself somewhere in the rniddle, dispelhng the inertrally fonnahsts and chaos dzeonsts; and plnlosophizing that things are chaotic forms or fonnal chaos. Thereolj the parnsnzlang conceptual framework of structuralisrn has been drscussed and analyzed in chapter three, following the introductory chapter and re view ofrelated literature respectivelv. In chapter three the concept of structurah'srn is discussed in detarl fully understood to avoid the popular rniseoncepäons including that of “post-structurahsn1". Chapter four lines up next to analyze the three focus matenals' (the Kebra Nagast, Tobbrya and Dertogada) luston'cal, social, pohtical, and hterary structural con/ígumtions, particularly accompanred with Northrop Fr)/e's structural theory of recurrent /ornzations. Thus, the analysis part of tlus research paper- synthesizing hterature, phrlosophy and politics-discusses the selected nzatenals' structural interconnection :md sinnlitude. And /inally, the conclusion is rendered in chapter live to ehcit the ina/or points' that ha ve been constructed in the entire chapters, especially the fourth one.
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