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Title: The Practices and Challenges in Conducting Action Research in Secondary Schools of Silti Woreda
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Tadele, Kinfe
Keywords: practice and challenges in conducting action research
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main objective of the study was to investigate the practice and challenges in conducting action research in Secondary Schools of Sílti Woreda. In order to attain the objective, the study answered the basic questions such as, What is the current status of teachers' practice in action research activities? And what are the factors that influence teachers' practice in action research in Sílti woreda secondary schools? A descriptive survey method was used to describe the situation of the status of practice and challenges in conducting action research in the schools. Data was gathered from two sources; the primary source of information in this study includes secondary school teachers, secondary schools directors, woreda education office expert and supervisors. The primary data relevant to the study was collected using questionnaire, interview and focus group discussions. Secondary data was gathered from documents. Based on the data analysis, the current status of secondary school teachers' practice in action research was found to be low and considerable number of teachers did not get the opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars and in-service trainings related to action research; also they did not read books, joumals and handouts to develop their research skills. Moreover, the study investigated factors that influence Teachers' practice in action research Shortage of materials (computer access, research joumals, reference books, intemet service, research works, handouts, etc), lack of support from school administrations, absence of professional training on research, lack of active involvement of stakeholders such as NGOs, School Administers, Woreda education office etc in action research process in schools, commitment and willingness of teachers in conducting action research and absence of financial support were the major factors that influence action research activity in the schools. Conclusion, suggestions and recommendations for improvement of the current practices and challenges of action research were made based on the findings
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