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Title: A Survey Study On Factors That Affect The Teaching Learning Process Of Artistic Gymnastic In Some Selected Secondary And Periparatory School In Bole Sub-City”
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Bezabeh Wolde (Dr)
Girmay, Assefa
Keywords: The main objective of this research paper
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main objective of this research paper is to identity the main factors which can negatively affect the teaching learning process of artistic gymnastic. The specific objective of this research paper is to in/orm some possible solution down the school and in the curriculum how artistic gymnastic can be practicable, to suggest possible solution and also a way ofavoiding thefactors that can a/feet the teaching learning process of artistic gymnastic at the school levels. This research paper has signijicant to assess the problem of artistic gymnastic implementation and give some clues for the weakness and .strong point of the teaching learning process. The research paper delimited to seeing the _ factors which can negatively aflect the teaching learning process o/'artistic gymnastic in Bole Sub ~ city selected senior secondary schools. Based on the data collected the general characteristics of the respondents of the study were analyzed and interpreted. According to the study artistic gymnastic is not implementedproperly in secondary and preparatory schools by manyfactors. The mainfaclors are; lack of facility, equipment, teaching aids, allocated period and time, supply, budget and teachers knowledge and skill on artistic gymnastic, class size, no topic continuity and vertical relationslvipfiom grade to grade and also appropriate field in the school to teach artistic gymnastic. There was no continuous super vision and support from concerned body such as administrators and sub-city education stafif cooperative work with federations, and schools dedicate the period for other subject especially private schools. By this and other additional reasons artistic gymnastic is not implemented in all type of secondary and preparatory schools. Even if the problems are vast and huge the researcher believed that if concerned bodies such as educational oflice, school adminislratorsfl parents' as well as teachers and students give more emphasis and support artistic gymnastic can be implement in better way and successfully in the school.
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