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Title: Factors Affecting The Roles And Responsibilities Of Kebele Education And Training Board In School Management: The Case Of Dawuro Zone In Snnpr
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ato Ayalew Shibeshi, ( Associate professo)
Asres, Atumo
Keywords: kebele education and training boards
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to identify factors that affect kebele education and training boards to carry out their new roles and responsibilities in school management at Dawuro zone in the SNNPR. The knowledge, experience, oommitment of KETB members, availability of guidelines, the material and technical supports form concerned bodies, composition of KETB members, relation of the board with WEOS and community' were used to identify factors that affect KETBS to carryout their duties and responsibilities. To this end, the study was conducted in three woredas and 21 schools /kebeles/. The head of ZED, 18 WEOS experts, 126 KETB members and 84 PTA members were used as the subject of the study to obtain the necessary data. Questionnaires, interview and observation of documents were instruments used for data collection. The data collected through questionnaires were analyzed and interpreted. The findings from the data analysis revealed that majorit_\j of the KETB members have not taken adequate training in the areas of their new responsibilities. As a result, many of the KETB members lack capacity (knowledge and skills) to execute their duties. More than ihr<--e fourth of the KETB members were new for their responsibilitics. 'l`hus, tlit-_\' did not have experience to make quality decisions. Similarl_\. the board mmnbcrs had no commitment to serve in the boards. They devotcd no or little time to spend on boards' operations and school work. The WE()s did not provide the boards with the policy documents and thc gtticlelincs. Hencc all the bozirfls anrl their members carricrl out tlzvir tltilics without the regional vcrsioii of l~lL()CPF and other gtiitlclincs. (lt-ut-r;ill_\'. thc boa
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