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Title: Type Of Schooling, Socioeconomic Status; Gbade Level And Sex Diffebenges On ` Raven's Progbessive Matrices Test
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Abraham Hussein (Dr)
Fisseha, Mekonnen
Keywords: Baven's Standard Progressive Matrices
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine whether or not scores on Baven's Standard Progressive Matrices Test, a 'culture-fair' measure of general mental ability, . are affected by cultural and environmental influences. The Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices Test (1958) was therefore, administred to 599, Seventhy ninth-, and eleventhsgrsde Ethiopian students who had a considerably heterogeneous cultural and environmental experiences. It was hypothesized that, the mean scores obtained on the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices Test would not be different when the subjects are grouped under type of schooling, socioeconomic status, grade level and sex. Different levels of factorial designs were employed to examine group mean differences, and simple and partiel correlations were computed in examining relation ships between the Baven's Test and the treatment variables. » The results of the study indicated that, mean scores on the Raven's Test vary significantly with type of sehooling, SES, and grade level. No significant mean difference was obtained for sex. In addition, very low but significant correlations were obtained between the Raven's Test and the treatment variables except with sex. The results generally support the previous findings obtained in other contexts, and suggest that the Baven's Test is not a 'culture-fair' test of general mental ability. Future research may be undertaken to find out the effect of factors considered in this study and other factors with regard to the usefulness of the Raven's Test, more specifically the influence of environmental experiences and academic achievement on the Raven Test.
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