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Title: Implementation Of Decentralization Of Educational Management At Wereda Level In Tigray And Amhara National Regional States In Ethiopia
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Girmay, Berhe
Keywords: decentralization of educational management in terms of scope
Issue Date: Jun-1998
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study set out to examíne the extent of decentralization of educational management in terms of scope, intensity and commitment, below the regional level with particular focus at the wereda level in Tigray and Amhara National Regional States. It employed a comparative descriptive method. Data were gathered from wereda education personnel through questionnaire and unstructured interviews, and from documents. The study revealed that decentralization has begun to occur at the subregional level including the wereda albeit with limited scope in the substantive areas of authority over finance, teacher issues, school construction and educational materials. The intensity level was judged as average in terms of the type of decentralization which was found to be a combination of deconcentration and limited devolution. lt was weak, however, in terms of personnel coverage and own revenue as well as regional allocation. The commitment to decentralization at wereda level was found to be mixed, by showing readiness to transfer responsibility and authority in Amhara, and an attempt to develop guidelines for the wereda level in Tigray as well as the creation of mechanisms for popular participation in both regions on one hand, and the poor capacity at the wereda level in both regions, especially in Tigray on the other hand. lt was concluded that although there are attempts to decentralize educational management below the regional level, the extent at wereda level is generally weak especially in Tigray. Greater attention in developing wereda capacity in organizational structure, the number and quality of personnel, clear delineation of responsibilities, authority, and accountability of the various bodies involved, and a united effort for further rigorous research on decentralization are recommended.
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