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Title: An Assessment Of Family Related Factors Affecting Educational Performance In Addis Ababa: The Primary Schools In Focus
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Derebssa Dufera,(Professor )
Sinkinesh, Befikadu
Keywords: socio-economic factors which have an impact on the academic performance
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main purpose 0f'the study was to investigate the socio-economic factors which have an impact on the academic performance of` public primary level students in Addis Ababa and show the level of the problem and interventions made to help these students achieve the required results in education. The central idea ofthis study was finding out the key socio- economic factors aflecting the low performing students in the public schools in order to improve their results. For this to happen the study recommends the actors in the study to focus provide more support/efiort as was donor the other regions even though the economic situation of Addis Ababa is relatively better than the other rural areas. Based on the existing literatures and the objective of the study research questions were formulated. Parents and academic stafi were sources of data for the study. Only qualitative method was used to collect data for the study. Interview and Focus Group Discussions were the instruments used to collect data. The lnstruments used for the study helped lo in vestigate all the possible/actors affected the academic performance in public primary schools. The ma/or C _/indings of the study are econotnic and family related factors and lack of continuous and coordinated adequate interventions in the city. A number of other crosscutting issues which were inlerrelated with education were identified. The study indicated that more intervention is needed by the actors in education sector to improve the public school achievements in Addis /tbaba. The public schools in the city are the main places where high school dropout rate isfound. Therejore, this clearly indicates that to decrease the dropout rate the local and non-local actors should put their eflorts together and start working in the public schools in the city. Dif/erent socioeconomic factors were identified by the study. Thus these are important intervention areas for the actors interested in community areas to engage themselves and bring the intended result and help students in the public schools to continue their education and also achieve the desired results. In general the results of this spectfic study can be important input for those who want to work on identifi/ing factors ajfectitzg academic achievement; school dropouts, under nutrition, and child psychological impact on education, the outcome of family follow up on education and many others.
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