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Title: The Role Of Parent Teacher Association In Addis Ababa Secondary Schools: The Case Of Entoto Aiviba Secondary School
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: . Wossenu Yimam (Dr)
Rawling, Wondemneh
Keywords: The Role of`Parent Teacher Association in Addis;A haha Secondary Schools: TheCase
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of tl1is study was to examine the Role of Parent Teacher .»association (PTA) in Addis Ababa Secondary Schools. In the study, the research design and approach was case study and qualitative respectively. The participants of the study were ten. Two teachers, the directors, two student, three parents and Quality Education Assurance Inspection Expert of the Woreda's Education Office (WEO). The participants and the study area were .selected using purposive sarnpling. The instruments for data collection were interview, observation, document analysis and Focus Group Discussion. Moreover to strengthen the study, different previous researches and published related literatures were carefully reviewed The discussion of this study concentrated in examining PTA role and its implementation including morefocused ones, response of stakeholders and improvement of the association after students involvement. The results show that PTA 's role in fitnd raising, planning and monitoring was good. But its activities in maintaining school discipline, answering questions, like preparing students ` café, was insufficient. In addition PTA has worked with its stakeltolders, but the responses from them differ from one to another. There/'ore to get good response, PTA has to strengthen its relations with all parents, teachers and students. The Role of`Parent Teacher Association in Addis A haha Secondary Schools: TheCase
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