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Title: The Teaching-learning Processes in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Accreditation Schools of Music (Zema Bets): The Cases of Bethlehem, Zur Aba and Gondar Baeta Mariam Churches
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Samuel Tefera(PhD)
Selamsew, Debashu
Keywords: Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Zema Bet, Accrediting Schools
Issue Date: Feb-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The objective of this study is to explain the overall teaching and learning processes of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church music in selected Zema (church Music) accreditation Schools based on the narratives and experiences of teachers and students specifically on course procedures, weaknesses and strengths of the schools and the problems that the schools are facing today. Observations, interviews and document analysis were employed as data collection instruments. It was observed that there is no a readymade answer on prerequisite courses that a student is required to take before he joins the Zema accrediting schools. Some of the church’s practices in preparing entrance exams, helping ‘kotres’ and allowing students to graduate by their own pace are exemplary practices of the schools; while lack of proper documentation practices and aloofness to the needs of disabled students are observed as weaknesses. Taking the major problems that the church schools are facing today, a very low admission rate of students is stated which is mainly caused by lack of accommodation, scarce textbooks, a very narrow job opportunity for graduates and some overall financial problems that is plaguing both the teachers and students.
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