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Title: Factors Affccting Female Students Achievemcnt in Mathematics: Thc Case of Secondary Schools in Addis Abaha
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Meles, Samuel
Keywords: factors that affect female students'
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main propose of this study was to examine the factors that affect female students' mathematics achievement in Bole Sub-City Government First Cycle Secondary Schools. Causal relation research design was employed to investigate the problem. Using simple random sampling technique 312 participants were selected from a total of 1431 target population. Achievement test, questionnaire and interview were the instrument employed in data collection. From multiple regression analysis of data, the result indicated that coefficient of multiple determination (R2=0.412), 41.2% of the variation in female students mathematics achievement test was accounted by variability in major socio economic varíables (education, occupation and income) of parents. Similarly, (R2=0.674), 67,4% of the variation in female students mathematics achievement was accounted by variability in both out of school and in school factors like, home related factors, personal factors and in school related factors. Therefore, it is better to intervene the problem especially; the Education office of Bole Sub-City and School Princípals should coach to handle the problem (factors) that affect female students” mathematícs achievement both in school and out of school by acting as facilitator with parents, stakeholders, concemed bodies and students.
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