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Title: Financial Mana Gement Systems In Ed Uca Tion: The Case Of À Re Gions Two, Three And Southern Na Tions, Na Ti Onali Ties And Pe Oples Of E Thi Opia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: MiTiku, Desta
Keywords: Financial Management Systems in Education in Regions
Issue Date: Mar-1998
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The study attempts to evaluate the status of Financial Management Systems in Education in Regions Two, Three, and Southern Peoples of Ethiopia. ` ln order to meet this objective, a questionnaire, mainly made up of closed-items with a tive-stage rating scale and a minimum satisfactory point of 3, was administered to the target groups. An unstructured interview questions were set and given to different personalities in the MOE, MOF and ofñcials in the regional education ofiices in question. Documents in the education oflices of the target areas were also made sources of references in collecting the data required to answer the basic questions specified under the introductory chapter of this paper, ' Considering the sources of fund for education, the educational expenditures were mainly linanced through the joint contribution ofthe Central Government, the Regional States and Foreign sources. The external sources of loan and aid were generated from bilateral and multilateral organizations, Though it had a fluctuating character in its development, the cost ofeducation in the regions was highly dependent upon foreign financial sources. The recurrent expenditure, on the other hand, was steadily growing in size in the years under consideration of which about 90% and above were ear marked for salary expenditures and the remaining minimal balance for the teaching learning endeavors, According to the finclingswastage and inefficient utilization of budgets (capital and recurrent) were drawbacks in the field. Lack of basic technical skills in the execution of finance, training shortcomings, professional deficiencies resulting from misplacement of trained manpower and the continuous horizontal and vertical flux in the organization further aggravated the teeble endeavors made in managing finance in most ofthe study areas. Hence, training programs, motivational strategies and system-wide adjustment programs were recommended to alleviate hindrances encountered. -
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