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Title: Assessment of an Implementation and Managing Arrengment of the Current Status of Women Foot Ball Project Team in Awi Zone
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Solomon Teka
Asseffa, Workie
Keywords: Nature of Coaching;Coaching Experience;Implementation;Managing Arrangement;Status
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main objective of this study was to the Assessment of an Implementation and managing arrangement of the current status of women foot ball project team in Awi Zone. To achieve this objective, the study used random sampling method to select woman foot ball project coaches, young female players, sport officers and parents. The researcher use quantitative research method, it was more of descriptive survey in nature. The major findings of this study are the coaches in the Awi Zone are not well trained, the quality and nature of coaching is poor, the project lack sport wearing, foot ball equipments and facilities. The majority of the parent’s don’t have the vision that their children will be tough, competent and successful both for themselves and to the nation. The Awi Zone youth and sport office doesn’t have close monitoring and evaluation for the projects. Based on the findings the following recommendations were suggested the coaches who are assigned in the projects must be qualified in a higher educational institute in sport science, coaches should have to identify the talent of the female players, players must strictly follow up there train session with great proficiency, the offices are expected to arrange and supply basic needs to the projects like neat water, training field, technical aids and prepare additional training to the existing coaches and players parent should have a good awareness about the importance of foot ball their children, to themselves and to the nation by large.
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