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Challenges of First Cycle Primary School Teachers’ Education at Kotebe University College

Date: 2015-09


The purpose of this study was to describe the challenges of first cycle primary school teachers’ education: The case of Kotebe University College. To this end; a descriptive survey design was used which enabled the researcher to utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods. Both sources of data were used, namely primary and secondary sources. Primary data were obtained from teachers, students and department heads whereas secondary data were gathered from reports of the University College and relevant policy documents. Systematic, simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used to select teachers, students and department heads, respectively. Data collection tools were questionnaire and semi-structured interview guide. Descriptive statistics (frequency count, percentage and mean) was used in the analysis of quantitative data whereas the data obtained through the interview were transcribed, analyzed and interpreted qualitatively. The data analysis led to the following major findings: The study disclosed that the selection criterion use in KUC to take on new students written examination and educational document analysis; the English language proficiency of the students were inadequate; instructors lacked adequate skills for class room management; instructors did not apply interactive methods of teaching adequately. Based on these major findings, it was safely concluded that the knowledge of students about teacher’s education was insufficient and this would negatively affect their understanding about and the love for the teaching profession. Based on findings and the conclusion drawn it was recommended that KUC should provide supplementary workshops regarding teaching methodology and other areas, sharing experience with other teacher training institutions and sharing experience among them in order to enrich the knowledge of both trainers and trainees about the teaching profession; the MOE should provide more technical support to KUC so that the students would get adequate knowledge, kills and values needed for teaching profession.

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