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Title: Factors that Affect Women Coaches Towards Elite Sport Coaching Position in Addis Ababa City Administration
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Asst. Prof. Mebratu Belay
Temesgen, Haile
Issue Date: May-2011
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This thesis examines the problem of the lack of women sport coaches towards elite sport coaches in Addis Ababa City Administration. Moreover, it offers a research agenda that discusses and analyses this issue in relation to the Addis Ababa’s experience. This study, using a qualitative research method included semi-structured interviews, Document analysis, and focus group discussion, and by using convenience sampling method 10(ten) female coaches from five sports (Athletics, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball and Football) invited to participate in a personal interview. The informants were asked questions about the perceived factors/problems that exist for them in the coaching context. And also they discuss their problems what they faced. The major Findings were presented under four main domains: Social and Cultural barriers; Economic barriers; Institutional barriers, and Organizational barriers. The most important barrier perceived to exist for the informants was social and cultural, and centered on family commitments and priorities. Lack of time, which had a strong social dimension and organizational barriers such as the 'old boys club’, was also common barriers for the informants. A number of factors were identified which removed some of the barriers women coaches face; these included supportive spouses, education and training, and mentoring by other coaches.
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