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Title: Gädlä Iyasu Zä-Ǧärr: Critical Edition, Translation And Analysis
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Amsalu Tefera (Dr.)
Pawlos, Melke
Keywords: Amhara, Northern Shäwa;specifically in the town of Wäzo
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Iyasu Zä Ğär is born in the western region of Amhara, Northern Shäwa specifically in the town of Wäzo. He is the only son of Täklä Maryam and Maryam Kәbra (born on 13 October, 1468). He has various contributions. He is the author of Gädlä Abba Habtä Maryam and founder of the church of Mäkanä Päraclitos Amlaknä. We came to know about him from his Gädl, which preserves various historical, theological and religious matters. It mentions Ethiopian Emperors, like Emperors Ǝskǝndr (1478-94) and Na‘od (1494-1508), which were contemporaries of the St. Iyasu. It was edited and translated into Italian by O. Rainei, but his edition didn’t include all existent versions of the Gädl. This thesis aims to present critical edition which includes Raineri’s edition and two other new versions (totally three copies: Gr, R, and Z). It also presents translation, where an attempt is done to be loyal with the Geʾez text. The contributions of Iyasu, the description and list of the three versions of the Gädl with content analysis are also included in this study.
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