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Title: The Impacts of Khat (Chat) Among Active Sport Participants’ the Case of Kaffa Zone, Bonga Town in Some Selected Football Clubs
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Bezabih Wolde
Abdu, Nuru
Keywords: Khat (Chat);Active Sport Participants;Impacts of Khat;Physiological Impact;Psychological Impact;Sport Development
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main effects of Khat (Chat) are on the cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal systems, and nervous system (WHO 2006). Accordingly, this implies that the effects of khat are seen on the active sport participants in their health status. The Main Purpose of this study was to investigate the impacts of Chewing Khat on sport participants‟. A descriptive Survey method was employed to achieve the study. The study was conducted on 50 active Sport participants‟, 36 non sportive communities, 14 Coaches, sport officials & administrators and 3 Khat sellers. Most of the study participants‟ were reached by questionnaire in which they were expected to rate their attitudes and perceptions on factors that affect the development of sport due to Chewing Khat by Sport Participants. Qualitative data were collected, through interview, Observation with checklist and focus group discussions. Quantitative data gathered through questionnaire were tabulated and expressed using percentage. Finally, the study come up with the major findings: research hypothesis is alternate because 40 % (20) sport participants are chew Khat sometimes and usually, the players had no salary and incentives, there are shortages of recreational place in the study town, and few respondents do not understand the negative impacts of chewing Khat. The lack of specialized coaches, the absence of rules and regulations to govern the foot ball clubs and the lack of continuous computational schedule are also problems in the study subjects. Commercial participants in the Khat trade aggravate the importance of chewing of Khat instead of showing its negative impact. Those all mentioned above invite the sport Participants‟ to chew khat. Chewing of a Khat affects physiological, Psychological, sociological impacts on sport participants and reduces the development of sport in general. Hence based on the findings the zone and woreda sport officials & administrators, Health centers, coaches, communities and NGO need to work cooperatively to combat the problems. Key words: Khat (Chat), Active sport participants’, Impacts of khat, physiological impact, psychological impact, and sport development.
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