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Title: The Opening of the Museum of Menelik II Grand’s Palace
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Kassaye Begasahaw (PhD)
Meaza, Hezkeyias
Keywords: Palace
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This thesis attempts to treat the problems that would encounter in the course of the Opening of the Museum of Menelik II Grand’s Palace as a center for cultural and political studies and to propose ideas for its opening. For this thesis, primary and secondary sources were implemented. Accordingly, to address the problems a number of hypothetical questions have been raised, critically examined and finally suggestions and recommendations were proposed. A purposive sampling technique was employed to select key informants from ex-employee and workers of the palace who have better knowledge about it. Fifteen professionals having rich work experiences in this particular area have also been interviewed from five different museums. Both interview and observation methods were used in seven church Museums that have Palace heritages, to collect supplementary data. The findings disclose that, the Palace Administration is expected to establish well-organized Palace museums. However, the Palace administration has not opened Menelik II’s Grand Palace to the public as a museum, due to different factors. That are Palace heritages were not collected based on collection policies. As a result, palaces heritages are owned by other institutions. Heritage documentation and inventory of the heritages have not been made according to the museums standard. In addition, security and exhibition systems as well as organizational structure to perform these activities were not studied very well. In view of these, the thesis has identified, the ten historical buildings future function, as a display room, a repository and as a temporary exhibition place as well as the heritages that will be displayed in the rooms. As a result it recommends that, the organizational structure of the Palace Administration must revise and the structure shall clearly define the distinct museum governance and curatorial activities. In order to realize conventionally accepted values attributed to the PA, the Palace Museum shall develop sustainable and effective management plans that are compatible with the vision, mission and structure of the organization as a whole.
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