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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2012Floristic Composition of Woody vegitation with Emphasis to Ethnobotanical Importance of Wild Legumes in Laelay and Tahtay Maichew Districts, Central Zone, Tigray, EthiopiaProf. Zerihun Woldu; Shumbahri, Mohammed
3-Jun-2010An Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants in Farta Wereda, South Gonder Zone of Amhara Region EthiopiaDr. Zemede Asfaw; Prof. Ensermu Kelbessa; Nigussie, Amsalu
Jun-2010Ethnobotanical Study of Traditional Medicinal Plants of Goma Wereda, Jima Zone of Oromia Region, EthiopiaDr. Zemede Asfaw; Prof. Sebsebe Demissew; Behailu, Etana
Jun-2011An Ethnobotanical Study of Plants Used in Traditional Medicine and as Wild Foods in and Around Tara Gedam and Amba Remnant Forests in Libo Kemkem Wereda, South Gonder Zone, Amhara Region, EthiopiaProf. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Zemede Asfaw; Getenet, Chekol
Jun-2010Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants in Wayu Tuka Wereda, East Wollega Zone of Oromia Region, EthiopiaProf. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Zemede Asfaw; Moa, Megersa
Jun-2011An Ethnobotanical Study of Traditional use of Medicinal Plants and their Conservation Status in Mecha Wereda, West Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, EthiopiaDr. Zemede Asfaw; Getaneh, Gebeyehu
Oct-2010An Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants in Seru Wereda, Arsi Zone of Oromia Region, EthiopiaProf. Sileshi Nemomissa; Dr. Tesfaye Awas; Mengistu, Gebrehiwot
Aug-2016Ethnobotany of Shade Trees in Coffee Plantation System in Anfillo District, Kelem Wollega Zone, Western EthiopiaDr. Tigist Wondimu; Aboma, Bulcha
Aug-2016Ethnobotanical Documentation of Functional Food Plants around Debere Markos District, East Gojjam, EthiopiaDr. Tigist Wondimu; Belay, Hirut
21-Sep-2007Use and Management of Medicinal Plants by Indigenous People of Ejaji Area (Chelya Woreda) West Shoa, Ethiopia: an Ethnobotanical ApproachDr. Zemede Asfaw; Dr. Sileshi Nemomissa; Endalew, Amenu