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Title: Practices And Problems Of Management Developement Programs: The Case Of Ministry Of Education
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Kenenissa Dabi (Mr)
Mesganaw, Getinet
Keywords: management development programs
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The general objective of this research was to assess the practices and problems of management development programs in the Ministry of Education and to give scholarly recommendations for future effective service and the achievement of the stated vision. By considering this, descriptive survey research design was employed. To conduct the research and attain the objectives of the research both quantitative and qualitative research approach was used. To be effective in this research and give a relevant generalization for the practices and problems of MD programs to the ministry this research take as a study population all the Ministry of Education managers that worked in different managerial position levels. From the total population 270 managers, by using simple random sampling 198 were drown as a sample 28 from top, 38 from middle, and 132 from first /lower level managers were selected as a research sample. To gain the relevant information from respondents different data gathering instruments were employed mainly, closed and open ended questionnaire, interview, observation, and documents analysis. To analyze the collected data SPSS 20 were used for the entire closed ended questions. In this effect, average mean, standard deviation, one-way ANOVA, and Pearson chi-square was employed to data analysis. Besides, the data that obtained from qualitative questions were transcribed to supplement and triangulate the quantitative data. The findings clearly show there was a limited attention to MD programs intervention in the Ministry. Apart from its limited attention, there was an encouraging findings that ministry of education acknowledge and accepted the role of MD programs for the development of managers with the changing global system which served as a footsteps for the next strategic move. Therefore, according to the findings that gathered from the data there was less effective and less efficient practice of MD programs in the Ministry of Education as compared to its very powerful vision and responsibility. Finally, recommendations were made based on the result of the study. Key recommendations include for different groups that was for the government and top responsible bodies that establishing effective and institutionalized MD system in the ministry, develop MD policy, strengthen and empower the responsible department to properly manage the separate MD practices of individual departments, undertaking the whole MD cycle very carefully and in a continuous base starting from MD needs analysis to evaluation stages and keep the strengths of the ministry and also for individual managers motivated to do self development by using different mechanisms finally recommend for further research particularly on MD need analysis areas .
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