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Title: The Perception Of Teachers And Students Towards Academic Performances Of Students With Hearing Impairment In A Primary School Of Limat Behibret At Asella
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Alemayehu Teklemariam (Dr)
Habtu, Alemu
Keywords: Perception, Academic performance;Hearing impairment
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study tried to explore the perceptions of teachers and students towards the academic performances of learners with hearing impairment. The study was conducted at the regular school of Limat Behibret, at Arsi zone, Oromiya Region. To meet the stated objective for this particular qualitative research; purposive sampling technique and systematic sampling method was used to determine the target group. Accordingly, 16 teachers, 2 school principals and 32 students were selected as a sample population to conduct this study. The major tools used to collect data were interview, open-ended written questions, focus group discussion and document review. The most pertinent finding shows that there was a mismatch, what the regular teachers teach, the hearing students acquire and the hearing impaired student comprehend. The finding also indicated that teachers complain about the shortage of time and being loaded were they developed negative perception. It can be concluded that, the hearing student, teachers and directors don’t recognize student with hearing impairment, in the regular school of the study area. As the study result indicated the students with hearing impairment had lack of selfconfidence and were found weak in their academic performance. Regardless of their impairment, the perception given by others made them to hapless and upset.
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