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Title: Students Descipilinary Problems In One Govrnment And Three Praivate Preparatory Schools Of Addis Ketema Sub-City Of Addis Ababa City Administration
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Melaku Yimam, (Ato )
Tirunesh, Mekonnen
Keywords: forward helpful interventions to minimize
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to assess the types and causes of students’ disciplinary problems in preparatory schools in Addis Ketema Sub City and to forward helpful interventions to minimize the problems in the schools under study. The study was based on descriptive research methods. Qualitative and quantitative approach was used so as to come up with adequate /proper findings A Proportional stratified sampling technique was employed to take the number of subjects selected from each stratum based on percentages of subjects in the population. Descriptive statistics mainly, cross-tabulations, frequency count, and percentages mean and weighted mean were used by employing SPSS computer software in the presentation, analysis and interpretation of the findings. The study reveals that, the major causes of students disciplinary problems are the absence of implementing school law. Parents limit their participation in the handling of students’ disciplinary problems. They were absent on the follow up of students’ day to day activities. The dynamic factors behind school level disciplinary problems were the collective effects of school environment. The absence of strict school rules and regulations, the absence of parental follow-up on students’ day to day activities, the absence of good leadership of school principals and the negligence of the society to take part in alleviating the students’ disciplinary problems are some of the cause of students’ disciplinary problems to be found in this study. Furthermore, cheating during examination b, learners do not have social contact c, disobedience d. fighting e. students use cell phones in the school, f. stealing g. calling teachers by name and h .damaging school property or vandalism were identified as the major types of students disciplinary problems in this study. Therefore, Schools should have strict rules and regulations and should incorporate in its rules “what is forbidden” and give awareness to the students early and should implement the rules strictly and consistently. Schools should have strong relationships with parents through PTA and should work in coordination with them concerning the disciplinary problems or issues. Teachers should understand the contribution of parents and the society to students disciplinary problems so that, they should have close relationships with them to minimize it. Parents should work cooperatively with the school and must not be ignorant of their child’s behavior in order to shape them in a desirable manner and to create conducive atmosphere by having integrated relationships with their school.
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