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Title: Exploring Teachers’ Motivational Techniques Used in EFL Classroom and its impact on students learning: Medhanealem Preparatory School in Focus
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tamene Kitila (PhD)
Akberet Birhane, Birhane
Keywords: motivational techniques used in EFL
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine teachers motivational techniques used in EFL classroom at Mediterranean Preparatory school. An attempt has been made to search out motivational techniques that were practical by English teachers. The result of the study was believed to be helpful for English teachers and students of the school. Participants of the study consisted of 25 English teachers and 126 grade eleven students of this school. The study used a questionnaire survey as the main tool of data collection. There were two questionnaires: one for the teacher and a parallel one for the student. The students’ questionnaire was translated to Amharic to reduce ambiguity and teachers and students questionnaire was piloted. After the pilot study, the main study was conducted. The questionnaire was followed-up by interview with teachers and classroom observation for further input. The questionnaire data were analyzed using percentage and the interview and classroom observation data were analyzed using frequencies and qualitative description. Results from teachers’ questionnaire which was about the perception of the importance of motivational techniques to teach EFL classroom indicated that most of the teachers reported that establishing good relationship with the students; showing eagerness for teaching; encouraging the students to use English inside and outside the classroom, making tasks interesting and enjoyable and increasing the students’ self-confidence were very important items for teaching EFL. The results of the frequency of using motivational techniques to teach EFL showed that the majority of the teachers tried to apply techniques like helping the students to develop realistic personal goals; encouraging them to use English both inside and outside the classroom; establishing good relationship with their students; showing their eagerness for teaching; creating a supportive classroom atmosphere and making tasks challenging most of the time. The questionnaire data also showed some of the teachers have neglected techniques like letting the students suggest classroom ground rules; monitoring the students progress and giving them written comments; asking for the students interest and building them into a course and making tasks challenging and practical. The reasons might be large class size and orientation problem to apply the techniques. Besides, to strengthen the questionnaire data, interview and observation were used and the interview result showed that teachers most of the time used techniques like creating supportive atmosphere in the classroom; relating the lesson and the text to students’ real life situation; giving positive and descriptive feedback; giving individual and group works; showing them eagerness for teaching and appreciating them orally. In general, the effect of using these motivational techniques was to help the students to participate freely, to help them to successfully achieve their goals and to increase their interest toward the subject. Additionally, the observation result strengthened the questionnaire and interview data. Based on the findings, relevant conclusions and recommendations have been made.
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