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Title: Communication Strategies Utilized By Omo Tti Trainee-Teachers In Oral Production Of English
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Tibebe Alemayehu (Ato)
Tesfaye, Alemu
Keywords: different tasks to illicit information
Issue Date: Jul-2007
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Thus, they were provided with five different tasks to illicit information. Three of the tasks were grade four lessons which the subjects were supposed to teach to grade four students. The other two tasks were “description of home village” and explaining about “glow worms” which the subjects were expected to talk to English native speakers. Having been provided with these tasks, the subjects were observed while they were presenting the tasks. The observation was aided by video-recording and tape-recording. In the end, the recorded data were transcribed and the types of communication strategies utilized by the subjects were analyzed. The results of the study revealed that almost all the subjects were effective in utilization of communication strategies when they were communicating with the expatriates. However, Amharic trainees were better than Gamo trainees in employing the strategies during the teaching activities. Among trainees of Gamo Department, the male trainees were better than the female trainees. On the other hand, female trainees of Amharic Department were as effective as the male counterparts in the same Department. Despite all these, all the trainees were found to be deficient in their language. Their English language was not to the level that enabled them to teach English.
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