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Title: Factors Causing Profit Fluctuation In Ethiopian Private Banks
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Adanech, Shifa
Keywords: Profit fluctuation;Private commercial Banks
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: A.A.U
Abstract: This paper examines internal and external factors that cause profit fluctuation in Ethiopian Private Banks. Six private commercial banks were the subject for the study ranging from 2006 – 2015. The bank's financial statement, National Bank of Ethiopia and Ministry of finance and Economic Cooperation has been the main source of data for the study and the panel analysis has been carried out to obtain the result for this empirical study. Also the research used primary data (questioners). The samples are select using non probability/purposive sampling on the basis that the sample banks are representative of the specific problem. The study begins with Hausman test (Random Effect Model versus Fixed Effect Model) to determine the most suitable model to be used in this study. The empirical result shows that Banks Branch Expansion, Expense management and Asset quality have negatively affect profit and are the major contributor in profit fluctuation. The results suggest that Ethiopian private commercial banks could improve their expense management by formulating policies around these factors and banks have to pay attention to the Provision for Loan Losses. The findings also showed an insignificant relationship among inflation rate and Ethiopian private commercial banks profit fluctuation.
Description: A Thesis Submitted to the department of Accounting and Finance in partial fulfillment of Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
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