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Title: An Investigation Of Preparatorystudents’ Reading Comprehension Abilities With Reference To Yekatit 12 Preparatory School
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Awol Endris (PhD)
Sileshi, Kassahun
Keywords: Yekatit 12 Preparatory School.
Issue Date: Jul-2007
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to investigate the reading comprehension abilities of preparatory students (grade 11). The sample population of the study was 193 students in four randomly selected sections from Yekatit 12 Preparatory School. To achieve the purpose of the study, two reading tests were prepared and administered. These tests have passages and scanning, skimming, referring, and word-attacking skills items which are derived from the passages. The second instrument of data ─ reading class observation checklist ─ was used to observe the reading lessons. Moreover, a questionnaire was designed and administered to all grade 11 English teachers. The findings of each reading sub skills show that from 193 sample size in the scanning skill 45%, in the skimming 17%, in the referencing 20% and in the word-attacking skill 17% of the preparatory students achieved 70% and above in the average of the two reading tests. When we observe their overall reading comprehension abilities, from 193 samples only 26 (13%) of them achieved 70% and above, i.e. who fulfills the reading experts’ criterion (Nuttall 1982: 37). In addition to this, the findings of both the reading class observation and teacher questionnaire show that the students’ reading comprehension abilities are below adequate. Moreover, by triangulating the above three tools, I arrived at the conclusion that Yekatit 12 Preparatory students’ reading comprehension abilities are very low. On the basis of the findings, recommendations were made such as consideration of interest and level of students in the selection of the passages during textbook preparation; organizations such as kebele, zone and region in creation of students’ and/or youths’ reading habits by setting up libraries. Moreover, the need of special training for primary schools teachers to be English teachers and upgrade themselves; starting learning reading skills as a
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