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Title: Teaching Staff Turnover And Its Relationship With School Management And Students’ Academic Performance In Secondary Schools Of South West Shoa Zone
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Melaku Yimam, (Ato )
Dereje, Mekonnen
Keywords: relationship with school management
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study was aimed at assessing the triggering factors of teaching staff turnover and its relationship with school management and students’ academic performance in secondary schools of South West Shoa Zone and to seek solutions for the problem. In order to conduct the study, descriptive survey method was employed. Five Woredas were selected for the study using purposive sampling technique and out of 19 secondary schools, 5 were also selected for the study using purposive sampling technique. The study had two groups of respondents namely 134 currently practicing teachers and 15 former teachers. The respondents were selected for the study using simple random sampling for practicing teachers and availability sampling for former teachers. In general, out of 149,140 respondents filled in the questionnaire and returned. Interviews were made with 14 school administrators, focus group discussion was conducted with 16 department heads and unit leaders, and documents were reviewed at South West Shoa Zone Education Office. Research data collected through questionnaires were analyzed and interpreted using frequencies, percentages and mean values. Information collected through interviews and focus group discussions were analyzed qualitatively. The study revealed that the major factors for teaching staff turnover include ,inadequate salary and non-salary benefits, poor working conditions, students’ disciplinary problems and inefficient school management. Among these factors, inadequate salary and non-salary benefits were the dominant factor that contribute to teaching staff turnover in the study area. The most prevailing problems resulted from the high rate of teachers’ turnover were that the continuous loss of qualified and experienced teachers deteriorate students’ academic performance, overburdening of the remaining teachers, stressed them and decrease their commitment in teaching and disturbance of school program and disruption of instructional activities due to shortage of teaching force made school administrators inefficient
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