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Title: Assessment of Organizational Responses towards HIV/AIDS Pandemic (The case of BGI-Ethiopia and Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Meheret Ayenew(Dr)
Demeke, Gadissa
Keywords: assessment of business responses
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This paper aims at the assessment of business responses towards HIV/AIDS pandemic by taking two case organizations in Addis Ababa (BGI-Ethiopia and Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation) based on the responses of 124 employees (30 white collar and 94 blue collar workers). Data collected through a questionnaire and interview were analyzed using SPSS. The results revealed that, awareness level of workers on HIV/AIDS is good except few individuals who believe in the transmission of the virus because of working in the same office and eating in the same cafeteria with HIV positive employee. BGI-Ethiopia is using different alternatives means of HIV/AIDS awareness creation activities than ETC. Moreover, ETC’s practice on ensuring non-discriminatory practice during employment, promotion, transfer, and training, is not satisfactory. Neither ETC nor BGI-Ethiopia is providing free home care and support services for employees who retired because of HIV/AIDS illness. Finally, mistrust, unwillingness to share information related to HIV/AIDS, poor health care infrastructure, low funding for HIV/AIDS project, and low commitment of higher officials were the challenge faced by the two organizations in response to HIV/AIDS. Based on the findings conclusions and recommendations were made.
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