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Title: The Case of Higher 7 TVET Institution and Tegbare-id Polytechnic College
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Yezina, Tsega
Keywords: assess the impact of employee turnover in TVET
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study aims to assess the impact of employee turnover in TVET institutions and particularly the case of Higher 7 TVET institution and Tegbare-id Polytechnic College. In order to identify the causes/factors and impact of the employee turnover in TVET institutions descriptive survey research method used, it has used both primary and secondary data. With regard to primary data, first hand data have been collected through questionnaire filled by; ex- employees, existing trainers and administrative workers of the institution selected based Stratified random sampling for existing employees and purposive sampling for ex-employees and interviewee from each institution and interview questions of 6 employees from both TVET institutions. The study is used mixed data analysis technique or qualitative (in-depth interview) and quantitative (survey questionnaire) means of data analysis technique and finally analysed using descriptive statistics by using chart, table and percentage. The result indicates that from both TVET institutions B-level and C- level qualification trainers from construction, drafting and surveying departments turnover was more frequently during the past three years.The study also reveal/ discover that the causes of employee turnover are a combination of factors. Salary, benefit package, Poor manager, better opportunity in other institutions, promotion and poor managerial relations are some of the causes. Based on the findings the impacts of the turnover are work load on employees, OS (occupational standard not complete on time) then trainees’ dropout, increase cost of institutions and less quality training and service are mains. Thus the responsible body may find these findings worthwhile for corrective action.
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