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Title: Jimma University Teachers” Perception Of The F Aculty Teaching Performance Evaluation System
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Mekonnen, SItayhu
Keywords: The major purposes
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The major purposes of the study were to examine the perceptions of Jimma university teaclicrs regarding students ', colleagues' and department lieads' evaluations of their teaching performance. There are sixfaculties and one college in Jimtna university. From these, 95 teachers were considered. Questionnaire was used to collect data on teachers' perception. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and t-test were employed to analyze the data. The result revealed that Jinnna University teaclzers had favorable perceptions regarding the faculty teaching performance evaluation system. Although teachers had positive attitude on the purpose of faculty teaching performance evaluation, there were dtflerences across faculties and they had some doubt about the competence and fizirness of students as evaluators. Besides, teachers viewed that the system of the evaluation enhances student- teacher relationships. On the other hand, students evaluation is perceived to be ajjíected by the grades students' received or expected and impairs academic freedom of teachers. Teachers also had positive attitude regarding student-teacher face-to-fizce evaluation system but opposed the continuation of the evaluation system as it is. There were perception dtfferences among teachers regarding department heads' evaluation qualification and teaching experiences Wise. lt is generally recommended that suflicient orientation be given both to the evaluators and evaluatees. Moreover. each faculty is recommended to design its own evaluation instrument for a better evaluation system.
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