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Title: The Impa Ct Of Gender - Role A T Ti Tude And Sex Approprla T Eness Of Professi On On Women A Chie Vement Beha Vior: The Case Of E T Hiopl4n Female Student S In Higher Inst I T U T Ions Of Learning
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Abraham Hussen (Dr)
Tesfaye, Semela
Keywords: role attitude, sex-appropriateness
Issue Date: Jun-1996
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The present study aims at investigating the impact .. _ role attitude, sex-appropriateness of professional aff __ tion as well as Maternal Education and Employment Status, and School Type factors on achievement behavior of college women. The subjects participated in the study are 202 randomly selected non-freshman Ethiopian college women from Addis Ababa University, Awassa College of Agriculture, Bahir Dar Teachers' college, Mekele Business College and Jimma Health Science Institute. A guestionnaire, a Gender Role Attitude scale, a modified Meherabain and Bank's [l978] n-Ach scale and Good and Good's [l973l FOS inventory were employed to collect data The result suggests that GRA is significantly [p< .Ol] related to FOS but no significant main effect was found in case of n- Ach. Similarly, significant [p< .05] Type of Profession main effect is obtained in case of FOS while no such relationship is found in case of need-Achievement [n-Achl. But in both FOS and n-Ach cases, significant GRA by Type of Profession [p< .O5] interaction effects are obtained. Concerning the contribution of background factors [Mother's Education, Mother's Employment Status and School Typel, Mother's Education showed significant relationship with FOS while no other background variable related to FOS to statistically significant extent. Nevertheless, a further analyses indicates that maternal status attributes and School Type are significantly related to FOS. On the other hand, no background variable is found to be sign√≠ficantly related to n- Ach. Finally, the practical implications of the results of the present study are indicated.
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