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Title: The Relationship Between Test-Anxiety, Perceived General Academic Self-concept And Achievement Among Sixth Grade Primary Government Schools' Children In The Sub- City Of Gulele/Addis Ababal
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Abebech, Asfaw
Keywords: investigate relationships
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to investigate relationships, directions and strength between Test-anxiety, perceived general academic Se/f-concept, socio economic status, study habit, parenta/ involvement in the education of children, and achievement (as dependent variable). The population of the study was 61” grade government primary schools' 2482 students at Gu/e/e sub city of A.A. Among them 7237 were boys and 7245 were girls. The participants of the study were 497 students. Among them 248 were boys and 249 girls. The mean age of the participants was 72. 98. The design of the study was quantitative ex-post tacto research design following correiational approach. Participants were selected by utilizing table of random numbers. Two sca/es and one questionnaire were utilized as instruments of the study. Pearson product moment corre/ations (r) and Multiple Regression analysis were computed to process the data. The flndings of the study indicated: (a) Test-anxiezy is in versely and significant/y corre/ated with achie vement with wea/r relationship that is -. 786. (b) Perceived general academic Se/f-concept was positive/y and signifl'cant/y related to achie vement that is .436 and it contnbuted to the achievement. (c) Study habit and parenta/ invo/vement also contributed to achievement but not socio economic status and Test-anxiety. Recent Academic Se/f-concept researches focus on domain specific with particular attention to spec/tic subject matter. At this juncture, / expanded the research by examining 'joerceived general academic Self-concept” as a single Academic Self- concept. The findings do ha ve applicabi//ty in the tie/d of counse/ing Psychology and Education.
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