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Title: The Role of Parents of Children With Autism In The Early Intervention Programmers
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: . R. Sreevalsa Kumar (Dr)
Efrem, Sahle
Keywords: the life situation of children
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Although we think that autism is not an illness and cannot be cured, a lot can be done to improve the life situation of children with autism and promote their learning and development. Parents have a critical role in the over all development of the children. This being the case, the major purpose of this study was generally to investigate the role of parents of autistic children in the early intervention programs (EIP). A qualitative research approach using interview, observation, Focus Group Discussion and document analysis were employed to collect the empirical data for the study. Six parents of children with autism were included in the study. All of he respondents were found through J-CCARDD. So, the flnding of the study is presented and analyzed accordingly: Back ground information about the mothers and their autistic children, areas of parental involvement in the EIP, needs of parents to involve in the EIP, and extent ofparental involvement in the EIP. The finding of the study revealed that almost all parents (except case four) have positive understanding about the causes and the intervention strategies of autisin. The ertent of direct involvement of the parents in teaching their autistic children seem to vary according to the educational and the socioeconomic status of each case of the parents. In addition to this, all parents of children with autism are not using enough teaching and playing materials and are practicing the teaching process at home. Parents require training and counseling on the consequence of autism and its treatment techniques so that they can know the role they can play to help their children to develop in to active members of their community
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