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Title: Submitted In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of Master Of Art S In Educational Research And Evaluation
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: MULU NEGA (PhD)
Hiwote, Molla
Keywords: The sway leas designed
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The sway leas designed to describe and analyze the University-Industry (U-I) linkage ill the case oIAddis Ababa Ulliversity College oINafllrai Sciellce alld Ill stitllte oItechllologv IVhich are located at Aroda Subcily. This research employs lIlixed lIIethods 10 address the issue. Sample slIrvey of 68 illd/viduals lVas COllducled /lsin.g the quantilalive method. Hlhile the qualitative methods applied, were interviews Ivilh associate deal/s for research university alld flldllstry linkage, METEC research and developlllent vice director, IU/,;versily illeiuslry link ({lid technology /roll :4'er I1l1il director, lIIinislIy aIsciellce and technology expert, Docllment analysis was also used 10 analyze policy ,-e/oled 10 HI/iversily illelllsl,.y linkage. The natiollal science alld technology policy, illleUee/ual properly right po/icy ({lid higher edllcalioll proclamation: Ilniversity internal policy and illdllstry research and development strmeR ies have been the Concepllfal Model of the slIIdy that Hlldelpills thhi sflfdy. This study ill ilesligole Ihal Ihe re is I/O 1Il1iversily~ induslI:V linkage ill lerms of academic reseorch. This stlldy also reveoled the power (~l implemenlation of policies ill connectioll with university industlY linkage is velY poor ill nmiollal alld Hlli versily level. Ihe leadership cOlllmitme11l to creating linkage wi!h illdusn), doesn 't gel priori'.v aflelllioll by lite university an.d the indl/soy owner as well. Moreover Ihis swdy also shows that (he university academic stq/h" are 1/.01 competitive to conduct competitive academic research which call he sold 10 in dllstries. the university come up withfinallcial cOllstrain! alld limited alloccaioll oIalil/ualf/fflelior Ihe Iffli versil.\' indllslry linkoge IllIil. Moreo ver the study indicate that lack 0/ incentive mechal/isms fO moti vllle the academic staff, low level supply of updated research in!ra.wrlfcture alld facilities, low level COl/IlI/il1lle/lt and poor monogemelll system were Ihe lioll share for the 101V level slatHs of university industry linkage ill tlte case of Addis Ababa Universily. Furthermore, the study find 0 111 that pate/liS have a key role ill creating a favorable conditioll for the networkil1g oj the differellt actors in Ihe Ilaliollal syslell/ of il/novatioll bill the natiollal IPR policy has low ill/paci 10 create strong linkage. The reslflls of tlte research analyzed that jillldhlg ill research play a domillalll role to have 1I0Vel technology reslfl! bill at /wliollol level. in the university and METEC il is really below average. The universily alld induslly partnersliip ill terms of research is still 011 its minimal stage because of tire tlVO parties miss COlllllllfllic({fioll, low level indllslry owner awareness, university leadership commitment and competence to create tire linkage is also below average.
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