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Title: Challenges of Implementing Kindergarten Curriculum in Addis Ababa
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Derebssa Duffera, (Professor)
Sosina, Tamiru
Keywords: Kindergarten education
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Kindergarten education helps children to be confident, eager and enthusiastic learners, who are looking forward to start school and success in life. Preschool education laid a jirm foundation for children to develop fully in all aspect as competent and responsible citizens. As a result, the issue was so considered in education and training policy of Ethiopia to address the needs of preschool children. In Addis Ababa the curriculum has been adopted and served as foundation to guide basic issues that preschool education should address in the region. The main objective of this study was; therefore, to investigate the challenges of implementing kindergarten curriculum in Addis Ababa. To conduct this study descriptive survey method was employed. Kindergartens were selected on the basis of sponsorships using stratified sampling. Thus, twelve kindergartens were used as data sources selected using simple random method from each strata. Accordingly, the data sources were kindergartens teachers, parents, directors, sub city kindergarten expertise and Addis Ababa Early Years Care and Education expertise. Then the data was collected through questionnaires, observations, interviews and document analysis. The data collected through questionnaires from the teachers and parents were presented in tables for each case, and analyzed using percentage followed by relevant discussions. Besides, qualitative data obtained through observations using checklists and interview guides were used to supplement and explain qualitative data whenever necessary. The study found out that the ezdent of curriculum implementation was low; classrooms and outdoor spaces, materials and equipment, were limited; teachers were lack of professional skills to teach young children, parents knowledge about the objective of kindergarten education is low; and government support services were very minimal and limited in government kindergartens. Finally, the study recommended some better ways and means for resolving the challenges of implementing the curriculum in Addis Ababa.
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