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Title: Modes of Cultural Imperialism as Reflected in the Narratives of Daniel Kibret
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: .Melakneh Mengistu (Dr)
Keywords: In this globalized world,
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: In this globalized world, neocolonialism is exerting indirect influence on third world countries. It is a new tactic planned to guarantee the indirect control over the newly liberated states from the yoke of colonialism. This study was launched to determine the cultural influence and its ruinous impact over Ethiopian native Values With a view to create awareness about the frightening infringement of Western Values. I selected appropriate narratives that reflect forms of cultural imperialism. ln line to this, textual analysis of the narratives selected from the book Teterochu and the blog, Yedaniel Iyitawoch was carried out. Thus, through analyzing the theme of the narratives, the study discloses the modes of cultural imperialism and the destructions on native cultural Values. The study reveals that even though it is an era of neocolonialism where the intrusion of Western culture in to third world countries is the order of the day, the people are Wítnessed exposing themselves to self-inflicted cultural assimilation and aping the West. Therefore, Cultural protectionism policy is highly needed to minimize the pressure of alien culture. In addition, stakeholders need to shoulder the task of creating awareness towards the protection of domestic Cultures.
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