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Title: Preparation And Utilization Of Instructional Materials In Primary Schools Ofwolaytta Zone
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Teshome Nekatibeb (Dr.)
Abraham, Asaro
Keywords: employing the simple random
Issue Date: May-2001
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study investigates factors affecting the preparation and utilization of instructional materials in primary schools of Wordplay zone. The sources of data were 196 first cycle primary teachers, 17 heads of school pedagogical centers, 17 school principals and heads of pedagogical center unit at wordage level. The teacher samples were selected by employing the simple random sampling technique. Furthennore, an available sampling technique was employed to select school pedagogical center heads, school principals and pedagogical center unit heads. Questionnaires, observation checklist and interview were used as data gathering tools. The data were analyzed using percentages and descriptive statements. Media-related documents, prcparation and utilization, school principals' and SPC heads' activities, the training status, financial and material support, collaborative activities, tecachers'attitude and interest were the variables to be analyzed. The findings of the study, then, showed that teachers and SPC heads lack the necessary knowledge and skills due to inadequacy of training . There is also Lack of financial and material resources. Similarly, school principals and SPC heads were observed to have less competency in accomplishing most of the expected activities. Moreover, the cooperative work among the teaching staff and the involvement of NGOS or the cornmunity resources in the school activities were observed to be below expectation. Nevertheless, teachers' attitude and interest towards instructional materials and the effort made by thee Regional Education Bureau to produce some media-related references were more or less satisfactory.
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